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Our extensive experience in translation rights and excellent relationships with co-agents and international publishers helps Context Literary Agency actively sell rights for our authors throughout the world. We are also devoted to bringing our client's work to life on screen, as well as pursuing licensing rights and other subrights. Please click here to see our most recent rights list.


Brazil: Tassy Barham Associates

Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina: Andrew Nurnberg Associates

China: Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia: Andrew Nurnberg Associates

France: Agence Eliane Benisti

Germany: Thomas Schlueck Agency

Greece: Read N Right

Hungary, Croatia: Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam: Maxima Creative

Israel: Deborah Harris Agency

Italy: The Italian Literary Agency

Japan: Japan Uni Agency

Korea: KCC

Latvia, Lithuania, Estona, Ukraine, and other Baltic states: Eastern European and Asian Rights Agency

Netherlands, Scandinavia: Sebes & Bisseling

Poland: Book/Lab

Russia: Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Spain, Portugal: International Editors Co

Taiwan: Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Turkey: Kayi Literary Agency

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