Represented by: Kaitlyn Sanchez

Hillora Lang is a graduate of the MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults from The Vermont College of Fine Arts. As an autistic person, she grew up in the pages of the books she read, traveling to ancient and future times, and places both known and imagined. She now creates her own worlds for her readers to visit, live, and play in. Besides writing Young Adult and Middle Grade fiction, she works as a freelance romance writer for an online publisher.


An unapologetic collector of the things she loves, Hillora owns way too many rocks, books, beads, handmade papers, ancestors, chickens, and cats, all of which inspire her flights of fancy. While her Tribe of Mythical Cats each has a unique name, she finds it difficult to tell the members of the Flock of Baby Velociraptors apart, other than their being simultaneously charming and terrifying. At sunset, she is often found either sitting in the chicken yard with multiple birds roosting on her arms and shoulders, or in the library feeding her cats.

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